HooverHe was a grand old man of 15+- when the rigors of old age stole his quality of life …  Hoover crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 4, 2012.  He came to us in February of 2007, a rack of bones at 49 lbs. and we soon discovered an abscess in his mouth that was causing him to be quite sick but antibiotics and good nutrition put him on the road to recovery.   In his prime with us he was topping 70+ lbs.  Once he was feeling tip top, his hunting nose got the better of him and he thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and dug out a time or two or three …  And if the cats were lurking in sight he was hot on their trial.   I remember the first time he escaped, he was gone for hours, I could hear his hound dog voice from afar, but never did catch up with him.  After much searching I was returning home because a hunter had told me to put some familiar clothing out and he’d come home.  I found him in the garage chomping on a chew.  :0)  In order for the kitties to be safe and to keep him safe from wandering, he went to Brookwood Pet Resort where we soon learned that he thrived on routine and was happy and content to have his own space.  He soon became a staff favorite and got lots of spoiling.  He did settle down and came home for weekend or weekly visits from time to time where he enjoyed sunbathing in the summer.  His favorite spot for the last year or so was in the garage where there were Kuranda beds with a futon cushion spread across them.  RIP my big sweet friend, you were loved by many.

Special thanks to Brookwood Pet Resort for taking care of Hoover.