Franny3 Having just to put to rest our beloved 17 year old dog who came to live with us when he was 11, we contacted Libby’s Haven and Melissa seeking a companion for his grieving companion. It was Franny who picked us from 14 choices and with the criteria that our “new old” friend be small and quiet, home she came. As our adjustments went along we discovered that Franny has separation anxiety and is indeed a “howler”. Not in the true baying beagle, HEY neighborhood sense, but in a hoarse, older dog way that just reminds us that it is SO hard to be apart. She is very sweet, affectionate and needy. We needed to be needed, so here we are making our way. She and our other little “yakkapuchie” have made their friendship and on any given day can be found sleeping near each other on their sheeted couches. Franny has made her way into our hearts and those of our friends and neighbors. We will make our adjustments as needed. No older dog comes without a history, a story. We think Franny might have lived with an older woman who was home all day. She prefers women, is concerned about big men and her only agitation seems to be when she is left alone. This has led us to believe her first person might have had to go to a nursing home or died leaving her adrift. She has low vision and squints in any bright light, so she might have spent a great deal of time indoors. She has a super appetite and we are hoping that good nutrition will bring back her very sparse coat. A winter fleece coat will be in order soon. She shivers doing last call at night. Franny’s skin has improved with oatmeal/aloe shampoos and she loves to roll in the grass and cavort close by as we do yard work. She is never more content than lying in the sun nearby or snuggling on the couch at night reading. When she is concerned she places her paws on our legs and those little eyes tell it all. It isn’t always easy helping a new family understand, but she is patient and we are trying. We are enjoying our morning and nightly neighborhood walks, making relationships with kids, dogsand cats and car rides hunkered down in a goofy car pillow are THE BEST!

Lisa Carlson