Mr. Peabody

PeabodyAfter losing our beloved pet, Soxx we decided they best way to honor his memory was to adopt a rescue.  When we mentioned his passing to Melissa she told us she would be on the look out for a younger dog that looked like Soxx.  Shortly thereafter she found our perfect dog but there was a catch…  She was scheduled to be put down in 2 days.  Once we saw a picture of  Amber’s sweet face we decided we had rush to Ohio to save her.  Melissa asked, “Do you have room for a couple of hitchhikers?”.  So we flew to Ohio, rented a SUV and drove back with Amber, Mr. Peabody and Briar.  It was a fun but chaotic trip; keeping 2 unneutered males separated from Amber, an escape by Mr. Peabody from the hotel room compounded by the excitement of knowing we saved three dogs were so close to being put to death.  When we got home, we happily handed Mr. Peabody and Briar off to Melissa and settled in with Amber.  It wasn’t long before we decided Amber needed a companion and that Mr. Peabody was it.  At first, he didn’t like men or my husband very much but with time he has grown to trust and love him.  Mr. Peabody truly is a joy and brings us so much happiness to our lives.  Thank you Melissa and Libby’s Haven for giving these older dogs a chance to find their “forever homes” to live our the rest of their lives with the love they deserve.