I was living alone aMonty2nd missing having a dog around. I had wanted a dog for years and finally felt like it was the right time, so I started researching breeds, looking at adoption websites, and even considering buying from a breeder. Every day for 4 or 5 months I looked at during my lunch break to see if I would find the right dog for me. Of course I thought I found the “right dog” every day but it was not until I saw the picture of pudgy little Monty staring sternly at me from the Libby’s Haven website that I had a moment of enlightenment I read about Monty’s mysterious past as a stray that had lead him to a pound where he had been only days from being made “unavailable”. It was Libby’s Haven that had saved him from that cruel destiny. They saved him from that pound, had him neutered, and worked with him on his behavior and health. Then they generously made him available or adoption.  After a few weeks of the application process, interviews, and an in-home visit, I was finally able to bring Monty into my home where we immediately bonded.

He was an incredibly shy and nervous little guy but otherwise perfectly well behaved. He still has never had an accident in the house, been aggressive towards anyone, or chewed up anything he wasn’t supposed to. This perfect little pup had been through more than his share of bad times and because I did not have to train him in the doggie basics of potty training and teething we were able to focus on making sure that he felt safe and assured and happy. After only a couple months, Monty had adjusted so well that people in the park would comment on how well he had come out of his shell. He is now the happy little confident boss of our little neighborhood and we can’t walk 3 minutes without being stopped by strangers wanting to meet him. This was the single most satisfying experience of my life and I think it suited Montgomery pretty well, too. If it hadn’t been for Libby’s Haven, Monty would have surely been euthanized before ever being given the chance to shine and I would have missed out on meeting my little canine soul mate. Libby’s Haven provides a safe place for a very needy niche of the pet population and I want to thank them for having the vision to save these lovely adult and senior animals so that they can live their lives in as much peace, comfort and joy as they, their foster families, and their adopters can provide. My thanks to Libby’s Haven for getting Monty to me and for the service they provide to other animals. My advice to anyone considering adopting a pet is to consider adopting an adult or senior animal. It is the most rewarding and joyful experience you can imagine–at least it has been for me.Monty

Courtney Peterson (better known as Monty’s mom)