Pudge3In January 2004, while searching www.petfinder.org for a special needs dog to adopt, I found Pudge. I fell in love with his sweet face, and from his description, he sounded like a perfect fit for us. I met him at an adoption event and thought about him all the time until finally my husband agreed it was time to bring Pudge home.

Despite being totally blind and on medication for other medical issues, Pudge is the happiest and sweetest dog we’ve ever known. He follows us around the house, and his tail is always wagging. If we go too long without a belly rub, he reminds us by gently pawing at us until we oblige him. If we rub long enough, he falls asleep and snores loudly, which always makes us laugh. On weekends, we take Pudge shopping at PetsMart, hiking in Harold Parker State Forest, or to visit my parents who live on a lake in New Hampshire. He loves to sleep, swim, play with other dogs, bury things, and sniff around in the woods. And, like any beagle, he loves to eat! Pudge and I go to the local park almost every evening.

pudgewimThe kids there adore him. Many parents I’ve met there have told me their kids were afraid of dogs before they met Pudge, and now they pat him and talk about him all the time. Most people he meets can’t believe he’s blind since he navigates so well using his amazing sense of smell.I am grateful to the people who rescued Pudge from the pound, and to Melissa, who took such good care of him and worked hard to find him the perfect home. Pudge has only been with us for 5 months, but we can’t imagine our lives without him!Sleeping

Kristen and John