JD 12-26-2011In Memory of JD, our adopted Shih-Tsu,

JD was very special to us and it was very hard to let him go.  We found him at Libby’s Haven for Senior Canines in Canterbury, N.H. and just had to take him home from the start.

JD had a unique personality.  When we picked him up from the groomers he would always roll around the back seat moaning and groaning on his back, and making a rowing motion with his front feet together.

Whenever he was riding in the back seat we had to watch that he didn’t jump up on the arm rests and roll the back windows down.  This would happen most often when we went through the drive-up at Dunkin Donuts, as he always looked forward to getting a munchkin.

When we were at home he would always be at our side, never wanting to be alone.  We would be watching the bedroom TV, and JD was always between us.  He loved to play “sock”, as we called it, which was playing tug of war with an old knotted up sock. He quickly learned that if the sock fell off the bed all he had to do is peer over the side and bark at it and I would pick it up!  Sometimes I think he trained me more than I trained him.

JD lived with us almost 5 years.  In his last year he had problems with facial melanoma on his right cheek that had to be removed a couple of times, but it would keep coming back. He also had a heart murmur and started losing a lot of weight.  In his last few months he developed a cough and was getting very weak.  His appetite was just about nothing.  Finally I had to make a decision about JD’s quality of life.

JD passed away peacefully at home with the help of Dr. Lester on Feb. 20, 2014.  At about 5:40PM he crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” on his way home.. He will always be in our hearts and I’m sure he is in Heaven now and happy once more.

Rest in peace JD

We love you and miss you!

~Bob & Carole Berry