clar1Hi Melissa,

I wanted to tell you a really cute story about Clarence.

I set up a dog bed for him, on the ground near my side of the bed, but he only slept on it 2 nights. After that he decided he liked the couch better. We have a second “bedroom” that we use as a miscellaneous room with a TV, treadmill, couch, and clothes storage. Clarence decided he wanted to sleep on that couch at night, which was fine with us. Homer (our other Libby’s dog) and our cat Pandora sleep with in bed with us, and our dog Missy sleeps on the floor on her bed. Anyway, the other night my husband Michael went to bed early. When I came up later I found him asleep in bed with Homer AND Clarence. It was cute, and I felt bad doing it, but I decided to move Clarence because Pandora is sick right now (she is being treated for a tumor) and she sleeps between us. I knew with Clarence there she would think there was no room for her. So I picked him up and carried him the short distance to the couch and he seemed fine there. I went down stairs to finish locking up the house, and when I came back, he was back in bed. Oh no! So I picked him up again and put him on the couch. I went back, got under the covers and closed my eyes …. Boom … Clink, clink, clink, over came Clarence. He jumped up in bed, happy as a clam, REFUSING to take no for an answer. It was hysterical. He and Homer kind of “spooned” and we all fit somehow.

Then last night he went to the couch at bedtime and I was relieved. Then, in the middle of the night I got up to use the bathroom (the bathroom connects the 2 bedrooms). I peeked in to see that he was ok on the couch, which he was. I did my business, washed my hands, and by the time I got back to bed, he was there! He snuck in through he other door and settled right in. What a nut. He knows where he wants to be and just goes there.